Hello, we are Beverly and Pete Dail the proud owners of The Jewell of Vienna, a Southern Bed & Breakfast.  We're 'Southern' for a lot of reasons but the one that is of most importance to us is that the people down here really know what being a 'Neighbor' is all about.  It not just the person who lives next door but it's a whole culture of people helping people.  Around here is doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or where you're headed.  Folks around here genuinely care about the needs of others.  Eager to lend a hand whenever called upon.  Of course when you add in a level of Hospitality, seldom found anywhere, together with our famous Southern Dishes, you have the combination for a perfect Bed and Breakfast destination.  That's one of the reasons we choose Vienna, GA to open ours.  We have been married over 40 years and during our travels have stayed in Bed & Breakfast's whenever we could.  We love the intimate setting of a Bed & Breakfast compared to that of a stuffy hotel room.  Meeting and interacting with the other guests as well as the owners is all a part of the experience.  You never know who you're going to meet, where they call home or where they're headed.  Sound familiar...  Most travelers who frequent Bed and Breakfast's belong to their own community of neighbors in a since.  I think all seeking the same thing, an experience to add to their travel adventure instead of just 'Checking in and Checking Out'.  That's what we strive to provide here at The Jewell of Vienna.  From the rocking chairs on the front porch and the abundant seating in the common areas to the social time in the evening and the country breakfast served each morning, it's all designed to help our guests discover what we have over the years.  That sharing who you are and what you love with new friends is as they say, "Priceless".  You create memories you may keep for a lifetime!  You won't find that in a hotel room...  So come and check out what we have spent so many years of our life on.  A complete restoration of our house designed to create an atmosphere where people from all walks can come together and allow time to stand still.  A time absent of the hustle and bustle this world often brings us.  A time to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of life.  We were both born and raised in Florida, moving here full time from our home in Ruskin, FL in the fall of 2015.  We left behind our parents, children and grandchildren only because we really love what we're doing here at The Jewell of Vienna.  We hope how we present ourselves and our house reflects that love and you leave here appreciating it as much as we do.  Hopefully not regretting a single minute of your time spent with us here at The Jewell of Vienna.